What will be required to continue being an “Approved UPM Contractor” after Dec 1?

By Paul C Pritchard EPA + Worksafe Compliance Certifier, IICRC Approved Instructor, MHSPNZ

As already discussed in the 22-09-2017 article What is happening with Approved Handler Certificates? New legislation affecting all Urban Pest Management operators comes into force as of 1 December 2017.

Essentially your existing UPM Approved Handler Certificate will remain in force until its usual expiry date or the 31 December 2019 whichever comes first. This is called Transitional recognition of an approved handler certificate [Clause 66 (1)+(4) EPA Hazardous Substances (Hazardous Property Controls) Notice 2017].

However any persons wanting to legally engage in Urban Pest Management work after 1 December 2017 using hazard class 9.1A, 9.2A, 9.3A, 9.4A substances (which is the vast majority of products being used) will need to become a Qualified UPM Contractor. This will also apply to existing Approved Handlers as their current certificates expire or after 31 December 2019.

Here are the qualifications to become a Qualified UPM Contractor [Clause 65 (5) EPA Hazardous Substances (Hazardous Property Controls) Notice 2017] either A, B, C or D :

  1. NZ Certificate in Pest Operations (Level III) Urban Pest Control
  2. National Certificate in UPM (Level II)
  3. NZQA Unit Standards 28786, 28787,28790, 28791
  4. Australian Certificate III in Pest Management CPPPMT3005, 3006, 3018

Option A only is currently available thru Careerforce ITO with Pacific International as the training provider. More training will likely come on-stream in the New Year via ourselves or PestNetwork.

Additionally if you are using hazard class 6.1A or 6.1B substances (these are not common in UPM but some carbamates such as Ficam W or Bendi 800 and some organophosphates like Nuvos as well as some vertebrate toxic agents) you will need a Certified Handlers Certificate [Part 4 Health & Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017].

To obtain a Certified Handlers Certificate (which is pretty much the same as the Approved Handler Certificate) talk to me or your usual Compliance Certifier (Test Certifier).

Further information and specific questions will be answered via the usual industry channels of communication such as PMANZ, PestNetwork, and suppliers throughout the year.